Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 24th trip to Shackelford Banks

It was 39 degrees when we left the dock in Peltier creek. The wind was north at 15 so we set sail east in the intracoastal waterway for shackleford banks. The plan was to go ashore and search for ponies and great shells. The horses where easy. Two groups of five each where there to welcome us to the island. They are in good shape with fat bellies and lots of hair.
The ocean beach was loaded with great shells, big and small. Dolphins swam in the surf right in front of us the whole time we where there. The trip back was filled with large numbers of cormorants, loons and more dolphins. The temperature hit 55 buy 2 pm and the wind laid down.
It was a great day for both boys and their much relaxed mom.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The boat is running again

February 19th 2007

The engine room noise insulation is finally installed. In the process of removing all of the appliances from the walls including lights, fuel and oil filters and many wires, I have decided to replace most of them due to age and different levels of rust. What the heck, it's only money.
The walls are very white now and all the filters are new and shiny. One of the gizmo's I removed and did not replace was the Algae X magic fungus remover. The gismo was purchased at the Miami boat show in 1968 to clean the fuel before it reached the engine. the only thing it ever did was clog slam full of sludge and stop the engine. One hundred dollars of snake oil off the wall and into the trash.
Good fortune is now running again and ready to hit those spring beaches full of shells and other wonderful things. March and April are great for beach combing since mother nature has been left alone to do here wonders all winter. Its still too cold for swimming but the beach is loaded with treasures.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where we reach?

In the Bahamas, when a boat noses up on shore, native captains will shout for a location by asking "Where we reach, Mon?" This blog is to keep readers up on the adventures of Capt. Ron White aboard the sailing vessel Good Fortune. He'll be letting you know where he reach.