Thursday, June 21, 2007

Off to see the lizzards

Ron and Good fortune will be in the Bahamas from June 23 to July1 to track the populations of Rock Iguanas in the Exuma Land Sea Underwater park.
I will resume charters on or about July 2 or 3.
Really, its just a conch fritter and beer drinking contest. Hope I win!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Turtles in the hole!

We sailed to the Cape Lookout turtle hole today. One Loggerhead was seen on the way out along with immature Gannets and a group of dolphins following one of the local shrimpers. We also saw several cownosed rays in the tide line off the Beaufort Inlet. We anchored in the turtle hole at slack high tide and ate lunch while we waited for the first turtle. In no time we started seeing Loggerheads all around us. The total sightings were 22 or so. The last turtle seen might have been a small Leatherback. Positive ID's are always difficult at best. This is the best time of year for turtle watching. The turtles are actively nesting now, according to the ranger, with twelve nests on the west end of the Cape so far. The snorkeling was not good due to windy conditions but the sailing was great. Smooth sailling back to Beaufort.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Update on Red-necked Phalaropes

We spotted a group of sanderlings two miles off shore on May 30th. The birds were feeding on comb-jellies grouped at the edge of the tidal line. There were millions of small jelly fish and the birds were feeding amongst them. Closer inspection of a photo taken at the time and a conversation with John Fussel confirmed that the birds where Red-necked Phalaropes. These birds nest on tundra ponds and winter in small flocks feeding on weed lines in the open ocean.
What a great sighting.

Stand by for great turtle sightings on June 7th.