Friday, August 15, 2014

The end of the 2014 summer

Hello all
It has been a cool wet summer in South Eastern North Carolina.  The word cool is of course relative.  We had a great turtle season and good shelling, especially after our early season Hurricane.  The US Park Service drug their feet for four months before they finally awarded me a permit to tread on park property.  Boy, am I glad that is over with.  The Coast Guard decided to not let me call the seventh passenger on the boat the "charterer" so it is back to six passengers, period.  Sorry about that. 
The fall season brings dolphins back to the coast and our winter birds return.  The north winds allow us to sail in smooth seas.  We will operate into October from Beaufort and then take a break to do some "Trout Fishing in America."
I hope to see you this fall, and also hope there are no more hurricanes.