Monday, March 29, 2010

4533 sandhill cranes

That's a lot of tall birds in one place. I went to the White Water Slough National Wildlife Refuge in Douglas Arizona this winter to see a gathering of Sandhill cranes. Boy, did we see a lot of birds! Yellow headed black birds and more gave us a great thrill. The photos where taken the third week of February 2010. The "bird on the rock", is a Mexican Jay waiting for us to pass the nuts to him.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Spring refit is under way between Spring showers. Lots of wood work on the cap and rub rails and paint and varnish every where. My ankle/foot is getting better. No crutches or canes, just some swelling and a slower captain.
It is not summer yet, Puffins where spotted at Cape Lookout on the 10th of March, but the sun is coming back and by April 1st we will be sailing again out of Beaufort.
I hope all is well with former sailors aboard Good Fortune and I'm looking forward to meeting a whole host of new sailors this season. 2010 is our 30th year of business, time flys when you are having fun. Or, as the frog said; "Times fun when you are having flies".