Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring is almost here.

Hello all, Tiller and I are looking forward to a fun sailing season this year. I will be offering sailing trips from the Beaufort waterfront. The rates will be $60/hour for pure sailing trips and $70/hour for trips that include stopping for shore bound excursions.
Full Day (8 hours), $520
3/4 Day (6 hours), $420
Half Day (4.5 hours), $330
Sunset Sail (2.5 hours) $250
Dolphin Watch (2.5 hours) $180
These prices are based on the hourly rates stated above. The poor economy and escalating operating cost have caused the rate change. I will continue to try and put groups together to share the cost but do not count on it. Good Fortune is a charter boat, not a head boat. If you would rather sail with 40 other people, and pay by the person, you may contact Lookout Charters, a 45 foot catamaran, @ 252-504-SAIL.

For exclusive trips on the 41 foot sailing vessel Good Fortune, call 252-241-6866.

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furimidasu said...

I was curious about bringing a infant aboard. He has a life vest. Is this allowed or is there an age requirement. thanks!